Muay Thai Champion

All levels Muay Thai 


Our All levels Muay Thai class runs for 1 hour and is the perfect place to start your Muay Thai training. 


Covering a variety of techniques from how to hold your guard, punches, kicks, knees, elbows and the clinch. Also teaching you how to hold the pads correctly so you and your training partner get the greatest benefit for your training. 


You don’t have to be fit to start as this class can be used to ease you into training. The emphasis is on teaching you the correct, basic techniques, while building your fitness at a constant steady rate. 


You are encouraged to push yourself as your fitness improves. Every class is different but each one will involve skipping and warm-up, stretching and strength work technique training, bag and pad work using focus pads, thai pads and a kick shield. 

There is very limited sparring and no heavy contact in this class.