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📣 Grapplers, we need to make sure that we are all following some basic Hygiene rules on the mat.


✅ Change your Gi / Rash Guard if you’re moving from the 5:00 pm open rolling and into the 6:00 pm tech classes. Sanitize your hands and dry yourself as well.

✅ If you have a skin infection or an open cut and are unsure if it’s contagious, please see the coach to make sure it’s nothing infectious before stepping on the mats

✅ 5:00 pm Open Mat Rollers. Please make sure that you have finished rolling and the mats are cleaned before the start of the 6:00 pm tech class.

✅ Foot wear MUST be worn into the gym, toilets and other areas. No shoes are allowed on the mats

✅ If you’re late to tech class, wait for coach to call you onto the mats. If you need to leave the class early, please inform your coach.

✅ DO NOT attend class if you have a skin infection or if you are unwell.

Thank you very much team.

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